Week 2!

Since we are so close to being done with our first 5 days of the challenge, I wanted to add the next 5 days plus a little something extra for day 6 😉

Day 6    Plus since it is a cardio or HIIT day, also we need to do:  BeFitMotivation: Muffin top burner quickie: 1) 30 second plank, 25 regular crunches, 10 side lunges, 25 sit-ups. x3

Day 7

Day 8

Day 9   Another cardio/HIIT day means another bonus for us 😉 firm our butts!

Day 10

Day 11   cardio day so we need another bonus!

Day 12

Day 13   ANOTHER cardio day!  add one more BONUS top 5 ab exercises to work our core!

Day 14   and we REST!

then we are done with week two!!!!


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