Andrea’s Day 5 & 6


I did NOT feel like completing workout #5 at all! Finally, at around 9:45pm I got my workout in for the day. I wasn’t motivated and I was exhausted. I know from now on the earlier I work out the better I perform. After 2 sets I was ready to call it quits, so I took a super extended break and then finished the last set. I think I was just tired!!! I had a long day and I knew I should have worked out earlier but I just wanted to relax and enjoy my family.


This morning I got up had breakfast and got ready to hit the pavement. I’m not a huge fan of running but I will tell you I feel 100x better after I get a quick jog in! It was a little rainy but it was still good weather. I forgot to turn on my map my run app so I’m not sure the exact distance but I would say around 3.5 miles.

So looking forward to the REST DAY tomorrow!!!! Week 1 is DONE!!!!


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