day 10 woooo

After a long ass day filled with lots of meetings, idiot bosses and class I so didn’t want to do the workout today but my motivator ANDREA pushed me to do it, it was only 11 minutes afterall!

I did 34 body builders – 10 of those i was on my knees for the rowing instead of staying in a plank.  this was tough!! gotta build that core!!  THEN i had to do the ab bonus, ugh.  this was harddddd.  i did – 31 and boy was i wishing i had that workout pad already!  my palms were sore!

today is my weigh in day, although i was hoping for a slight decrease in lbs, it wasn’t – still at 160.  i must say i do feel better though, feel like im starting to tone up a little. i know its WAY too early for this but at least i feel like there’s progress already 😉


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