So I’m happy to say that I am now in the 150s!!! I got on the scale this morning and drum roll please….159lbs!

Just had to report my little progress! I hope I can stay motivated over the weekend! The weekends always seem to throw me off! Today is a cardio day so I’m gonna try and sneak away from the house this evening to go to Zumba if that doesn’t work then I will opt for 20 minutes of intervals on the treadmill/elliptical.

I’m also gonna try and complete my 2nd fitness test tomorrow morning before I shower! Not sure if this is the best idea or not since I still may be half asleep but its worth a try!

Happy Friday Eve!


5 thoughts on “YES!!!

  1. yeahooo!!!! way to go, this is awesome!! i hope i can follow your lead soon 🙂

    • I will admit that I have been cutting out all meat and diary from my diet for the past ten days so that did contribute to my results! Sometimes we have to give up the things we love for a short time in order to see results!!

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