Day 12!! C

Alright this was the second fitness test we had to do!!  I’ll be honest, my quads were sore going into this and they are even worse after.  I wish I had done better on my elbow plank but that’s ok, goal for next time!

Here are my stats for the second fit test:

Speed Squats – 36
High knees – 75
Push-ups – 19 (on knee – next time ill try some on my toes!)
Squat jumps – 20
Tricep dips – 30
Burpees – 10 (went down on these ugh)
Alternating lunges – 23
Plank – 30 second hold

Here are my stats from my first day:
Squats – 32
High knees – 50
Push-ups (I did them on the knee because I’m still healing the toe) – 15
Squat jumps – 13
Tricep dips – 26
Burpees (did the walk out ones not jump out because of the toe) – 17
Alternating lunges – 12 I was exhausted by this point!!
Plank – held for 20 seconds


2 thoughts on “Day 12!! C

  1. Way to go! You rocked it! Remember when you first did it you were still trying to let your toe heal so good job!

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