So…about the past few days.

So… I’ve been a little late with my posts the past few days! I had company on Friday night so I didn’t have a chance to complete my fitness test but I plan on doing that this afternoon on my rest day.  I managed to sneak away Saturday morning to take the 10am Zumba class!   You know how much I love Zumba so this really jump started by day.

I plan on doing my fitness test later and maybe heading to the gym for a quick workout.  I want to try to makeup for the not so good weekend I had. 😦 My goal is to do a little bonus everyday this week since Thanksgiving is literally right around the corner.

I need to come up with a solution to getting my workout in when I have a house full of people…its hard.  So many distractions… this may be the perfect time to split up workouts…5 minutes here and 5 minutes there could add up to a full workout at the end of the day.  Just something to think about I guess…



One thought on “So…about the past few days.

  1. You can do it!! whatever you need to do to get your workouts in, get em!

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