C – day 15

I was pretty overwhelmed when I read what we had to do today but I worked through it.  Honestly though, I didn’t go “as fast as possible” because I knew I would be doing the same workout two more times this week ughhhh and when I unpacked the new dumbbells I bought, I realized they are 3 lbs each NOT 6 lbs like I thought the packaging read – mis-marketing!!!  As well, I didn’t measure myself but I will weight myself for day 17 (since it happens to fall on my “normal weigh in” day).  here we go:

  • squat swing – 60
  • push up t stands – 22 (modified on my knee – I’m such a baby with push ups!)
  • lunge knee ups – Right 22, Left 22
  • mountain climbers – 37
  • bicep curls – Full 21, Lower 25, Up 25
  • steps ups – Left down 23, Right down 22
  • straight leg squat – 11
  • hundreds – (the title isnt kidding, I felt like I wasn’t doing something right but…) 106

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