Burn, baby, BURN!!

After a week off I must say I did pretty well!!

It was hard for me to keep count of my reps, I will try better next time.

So the numbers below maybe off….by a little.

1. SQUAT-CURL-PRESS (3 Minutes) – 40
2. TEETER-TOTTER LUNGES (1 minute per Leg) – 21/22
3. 3-PART SHOULDER SERIES (3 minutes total) – 29, these by far were the hardest part of the workout…I must have noodle arms.
4. BENT-OVER ROWS (1 minute) – 33
5. EXTENDED PLANK (As long as you can) – 40 seconds, these were so much easier than regular planks! Love them!!!

As always looking forward to my cardio workout tomorrow! Time to sweat some of this fat off!!!

~ A


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