Okay ladies! It’s a new year which means its time for a NEW YOU!!! 🙂

Due to the holidays we’ve fell off of the workout wheel and its time to get back on it!

Let’s post our fitness goals for 2014 and start to get back on track! This blog is all about accountability!

The new Bikini Baby Mommy Challenge starts today! I decided to test out T25 with my boo so I will get back on the challenge after these next 50 days! Hoping this program is what I need to transform my body!!!

Stay tuned for my fitness goals! Ultimately, I just want to be as healthy as I can be but I will try to come up with few goals that I can accomplish before the end of the year.




These past few days my legs have been killing me! Goodness, it even hurts to walk down the stairs 😦  I blame this mainly on my Saturday workout! See what had happen was…LOL!! I didn’t do my Friday workout so of course it had to be combined with my Saturday workout.  I decided to run 3 miles on Saturday because the weather was absolutely beautiful for December! So I took advantage go my run on and then at the half way mark completed my 100 lunges. When I got home I was NO GOOD!!! I was aching so bad! Totally not a good idea to combine running and lunges.

Hoping I make it through today’s workout and I planning on doing a little one on one session with my foam roller. I know my legs are getting stronger but I need them to feel normal again! ASAP!!!

Work it!

I haven’t been posting but I have been getting my workout on!

Here are the details ~

Tuesday – 20 Minutes of HIIT TurboFire DVD

Wednesday – 100 lunges in 3:40 seconds! Yeah baby!!! Making progress! I also added a butt blasting workout. 30 regular squats, 30 sumo squats, 30 dead lifts, and 30 bridges!

Today I’m going to shoot for another 20 minutes of HIIT workout but it may not happen. My oldest son has a Christmas program this evening and I’m going to be strapped for time. Hoping to sneak in a quick workout after I put the boys to bed if not I will do it tomorrow along with my last set of 100 lunges!


Burn, Baby, BURN Update

Here are my results from the last Burn, Baby, BURN workout. I only kept track of the first set for Monday and today’s workout. FYI – Today’s results are on the second set of numbers.

1. SQUAT-CURL-PRESS (3 Minutes) – 40 | 52
2. TEETER-TOTTER LUNGES (1 minute per Leg) – 21/22 | 28/30
3. 3-PART SHOULDER SERIES (3 minutes total) – 29, these by far were the hardest part of the workout…I must have noodle arms. 29 again, these were killing me!!!
4. BENT-OVER ROWS (1 minute) – 33 | 38
5. EXTENDED PLANK (As long as you can) – 40 seconds, these were so much easier than regular planks! Love them!!! I got all the way up to 60 seconds!! So proud of this small accomplishment! 🙂

Overall I did better! It definitely helps doing the same workout 2-3 times a week. I look forward to seeing if I beat my personal score from earlier in the week.

~ A