Man have I taken some time off….

Ok, I have been out of the game for 2 weeks now (this will be the third) ugh SO bad.  I know I know, and now Andrea is going to make me start it all over lol  Although I haven’t worked out at all this week, Mark and I are doing a very strict meal plan.  It started Sunday and will go through Friday (back to “normal” Saturday).  I’m hoping to get in a little workout today, Thursday and hopefully continue into the weekend!


Day 17 for C, a day late

Well I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get in a workout yesterday, so I am going to double up on day 18 (hopefully).  Right now I am going to do day 17s body builders.  Day 15 stats on the left, today’s on the right

  • squat swing – 60 || 64
  • push up t stands – 22 (on knee) || 9 on toes, 14 on knees
  • lunge knee ups – Right 22, Left 22 || R 24, L 22
  • mountain climbers – 37 || 39
  • bicep curls – Full 21, Lower 25, Up 25 || F 30, L 33, U 33
  • steps ups – Left down 23, Right down 22 || L 22, R 20 (ouch!!)
  • straight leg squat – 11 || 14 (dead at this point, thank god we lay down on the next exercise)
  • hundreds – 106 || 138

Wednesday (when I shouldve done day 17) was also my weigh in day – although I dont trust my ancient scale, I came in at 155! (ill be sure to gain it back this weekend)

C – day 15

I was pretty overwhelmed when I read what we had to do today but I worked through it.  Honestly though, I didn’t go “as fast as possible” because I knew I would be doing the same workout two more times this week ughhhh and when I unpacked the new dumbbells I bought, I realized they are 3 lbs each NOT 6 lbs like I thought the packaging read – mis-marketing!!!  As well, I didn’t measure myself but I will weight myself for day 17 (since it happens to fall on my “normal weigh in” day).  here we go:

  • squat swing – 60
  • push up t stands – 22 (modified on my knee – I’m such a baby with push ups!)
  • lunge knee ups – Right 22, Left 22
  • mountain climbers – 37
  • bicep curls – Full 21, Lower 25, Up 25
  • steps ups – Left down 23, Right down 22
  • straight leg squat – 11
  • hundreds – (the title isnt kidding, I felt like I wasn’t doing something right but…) 106

Week 3

thought I would do a new week 3 post at the start of the week so we don’t have to scroll down!

Week 3 – we can do it!!

wow, can you believe we are already at week three??

day 15    we need to measure ourselves today!

day 16 cardio day and a BONUS

day 17

day 18 woot woot more cardio!  switch it up from what youve been doing on cardio days!

day 19

day 20  getting sick of cardio yet?  better not be!!

day 21 – REST!  what did you do on your rest day??

Let there be a day of rest!

Man when I woke up today and Mark suggested going to the gym I thought about how I could go but really, I wanted this break! My legs aren’t as sore as they were the other day so that’s good.

On this day of rest I finished my capstone project paper!!!! Done done done! Hopefully going to have an adult beverage at a late brunch then maybe a friendsgiving at Marks.